Bobby Cleveland grew up in south Oklahoma City. Married to his High School sweetheart Barbara, they moved to Slaughterville in the early '70s.  The couple have two boys (Robby and Rod), eight grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren.  Bobby started his own small business when he was just out of school. After some early struggles, he began working with a company in Northwest Arkansas that was just gaining steam (Wal-Mart).

Over the next 30 years, Bobby built his business, manufacturing and distributing various retail products for Wal-Mart. His companies have sold everything from Bible covers to refurbished golf balls (Experienced Golf Ball®). As an inventor, Bobby has held two patents and at least 10 trademarks.  Partnering with his two sons, they have manufactured and distributed sports and leisure wear under various national recognized brands and operated a PostNet franchise in Norman.  

Bobby and Barbara are members of Lexington First Baptist Church in Lexington, OK. Over the years Bobby has served as a Sunday School teacher and Royal Ambassador leader at Lexington First Baptist. Bobby has been in public service must of his adult life, starting Lexington School Board.  In the 1990's, Bobby served on the Cleveland County Excise/Equalization Boar and just recently as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Through this program, Bobby helped children in abusive and drug dependent families as they go through the court system.

Bobby was the Cleveland County Republican Party Chairman for four years before stepping into his role as a State Representative .  Under his leadership, the Cleveland County Republican Party gave more to Republican candidates than in previous years and helped Republicans get elected to state and local positions.



Bobby is a Reagan Conservative man with a passion and convictions o help the people in his community and statewide.  Bobby's faith comes before all else, then the love and protection for my family and country.  "I am grateful and have full respect for the selfless soldiers who fight for the freedom of this country everyday as well as the brave men and women who serve as apart of our law enforcement and emergency crews."