Drink & Eat Local // Authentic Perks Coffee Shop

Meet Jennifer Copeland, the servant's heart behind Authentic Perks Coffee Shop.  She has been open almost a year and has captured the attention of so many.  From the moment you walk into Authentic Perks there is a positive vibe full of grace and excitement. We asked Jennifer where the story of her business began and she simple said, Authentic Perks was created to be a place where people can walk into feeling good about who they are and walking out feeling poured into.  This amazing... the world needs more Jennifer Copelands. I guarantee one doesn't walk away from Starbucks feeling the way Jennifer's customers do. We also asked why she finds local business to be such a huge part of a community, answer was simple and like so many other's answers.  Local business is what sustains a community.  We are the one's who are giving back through donations, time, and even a place to enjoy each other's presence.  Last Saturday Jennifer and her team put together an event recognizing other locals and a time family can enjoy together.  Three things Jennifer would love for you to take away from walking into her store is 1. We are about the people and how we can help 2. We love to educated why we choose certain items and how it can better your health 3. It is all about giving back. Jennifer we are so proud and excited to see what comes from your giving heart.  We wish you much success in your future! 

Authentic Perks offers: Local coffee blends, baked goods, and sandwiches. Head over to their webbsite for more details http://www.authenticperks.com/