Shop Local // Marcum's Nursery

#Shoplocal is a word you hear thrown around all the time. However what does it mean? When you shop local your tax dollars stay in your city to help produce growth and income. 
Marcum's Nursery And Tree Farm has been in business for 41 years and the service you will receive from the Marcum’s nursery team speaks volume.

Meet Monty, he and his brother Kelly run the two Marcum’s Nurserys here in Oklahoma. Today we are visiting the Goldsby location, where Monty and his crew harvest and plant for the seasons to come. Marcum’s is best known for their dedicated staff, who value relationship and achieving your goal. They are full of knowledge and will help you create your dream yard that works with your lifestyle. I also talked with Monty’s Daughter, Crystal. I asked her what it is like to work in a family business and of course she said it’s hard but worth it. She talked about how she really enjoys the relationships that arise in this business. The joy it brings when they see customers come back excited and ready for the next season. One thing the Marcum’s team made clear was this is their career, not just a job. I really respect that mindset and the effort they put into their company. It really shows through their spirit and you know when you walk through their doors you will get answers and the best care. I asked what they want to be known for as a local business and they said for their knowledge in what they do. They are more then staff loading trees in your car but a friend who will help you get from the beginning to the end and someone who will answer all the questions in between. Wouldn’t it be great to finally invest in a yard that you know will last. Next time you start to work on your yard, head out to Marcum’s Nursery and let them take care of you! #shoplocal#Shopmarcums #supportlocal

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