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This local business is hard to miss! Because of Robin’s dedication to her city and never give up attitude she is able to help keep her city going! Shopping locally is a lot more then providing taxes for you city but supporting friends and family.

Robin you are definitely the Queen of the Tees! Robin dreamed up her company over 12 years ago while running another brick & mortar in search for a way to show team spirit in a whole new way. If you are not familiar with Rhinestone Cowgirl & Queen of the Tee’s, I guarantee you have seen the rhinestone letters, glitter accents or fun patterns at sporting events or out and about in your city. We asked Robin what she has done to benefit her company, she said “never giving up, we are always trying new things and learning from the mess ups, like a constant science experiment with a lot of trials and err”. I believe that the mentality of “learn till you figure it out” is what can make or break a company, the Queen of the Tees seem to not take no for an answer. The Queen of the Tees crew also loves to give back, to them it is the best part of the business. Robin discussed with me how important it was to empower working moms and giving them a job that the responsibility of mom comes first and work comes second. I really admire that about Robin and her employees, and it seems to be working for her. Robin I greatly enjoy seeing your success and wish the best to you and your company!