Melia Pittman // Hometown Hero

This is Melia Pittman, she is a special education teacher at Newcastle Elementary.  When I very first met Mrs. Pittman I was impressed by her work ethic and even more so by her heart for her students.  As I walked the halls at Newcastle Elementary, It was evident she is deeply loved by the staff and all the students.  This year alone she has helped 4 students to return to their original classroom as well as trained several other teachers to assist in special education. 

I asked Melia if she has seen an increase in special education in past few years, she said, “yes there has been a large increase but I have learned that when the parents and I can work together to find a learning strategy for the student, the outcome is much better”.  Her passion for helping children learn in a whole new way is so interesting, she loves to create songs and use movement to increase education in hope to help students return to the classroom.  She encourage motion, noise, and laughter to help encourage the students and teach in their element.  

 After learning more about her heart and her teaching methods, it is clear this woman is a super hero and creating a legacy! I was so honored to get to listen to her story and Melia, you are my inspiration to help our teachers and especially our special education teachers.  Unfortunately there is a large shortage of special education teachers, there is not a whole lot of Mrs. Pittmans out there, causing there to be more students in the classroom.  She should have less then 10 per teacher/classroom while most have 10-15 students.  It is time to find a solution to thank the men and women who are pouring into our children. Melia and I both agreed that if we can help students when they are young, we can give them a hope and a future, allowing them to be able to fly.  


Photographs of Melia Pittman & Principle Terri Scott

Bob Cleveland