Bob Cleveland HD20




Communications with the constituents of House District 20 is a priority.  An effective legislator and public servant must have open communications with the electorate.  




Principled leader

Bobby Cleveland works for not only the citizens of House District 20, but for all Oklahoma.  Since being elected in 2012 to the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Bobby has proven his commitment for bringing accountability to Oklahoma State Government.  Bobby was awarded the Sunshine Award from the Freedom of Information Oklahoma organization in 2015 for his work to demand that the Oklahoma Secondary School Athletic Association to be more transparent to the public.  Bobby made a campaign promise to cleaning up old antiquated Oklahoma laws.  That promise has been kept since his first year in the Oklahoma Legislature.  Bobby has been recognized from the Oklahoma State Employees Association.  He has fought and purposed legislation for  better work conditions for Oklahoma’s detention officers.  Bobby is a steadfast supporter of legislation that protects a baby's life in and outside of the womb, the Second Amendment and gun owners rights, effective and limited government and fighting against new taxes and regulations.  With Bobby's experience on the Lexington Public School Board, he has championed issues in support of our students, parents and teachers.  

About Me

I am a Constitutional Conservative.  I am married to my high school sweetheart of 56 years, (Barbara) and together we have two sons, eight grandchildren, four great-grandchildren.  Barbara and I graduated from Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City.  Since being elected in 2012, I have a nearly  perfect attendance record and have authored several several bills to remove outdated laws. This has brings our statutes up to date.