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Who I am

I would like to be known as the person who is always willing to listen to my constitutes, the one person they known they can access when they need assistance.  To be the voice for those who feel they have no voice.  





Bobby Cleveland has been working for not only the citizens of House District 20, but for all Oklahoman’s.  His four years in the Oklahoma House have proven his commitment for bringing accountability to the Oklahoma Secondary School Athletic Association, for cleaning up old antiquated Oklahoma laws, for better work conditions for Oklahoma’s detention officers and for common sense governing that works for all Oklahomans.  Bobby is a steadfast supporter of legislation that protects innocent life and the Second Amendment.  With his experience as a school board member at Lexington Public Schools, he has championed issues in support of our students, parents and teachers.  


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About Me

MY NAME IS Bobby Cleveland

I am a Constituional Conservative.  I am married to my highschool sweetheart of 54 years, Barabra and we have two sons, 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild on the way.  Barbara and I graduated from Capitol Hill High School in OKC.  Since you first elected me in 2010 I have near a perfect attendance record and have passed hundreds of outdated laws to remove them from the record books.